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The Government of Manipur has introduced the PTP-NER Scheme with the aim of improving the welfare of tribal artisans. This scheme provides support in logistics and marketing to help enhance their standard of living. In this article, we will explore how you can avail the benefits of the PTP-NER Scheme and the application process.



About PTP-NER Scheme

Feature Details
Name Marketing and Logistics Development for Promotion of Tribal Products from North-Eastern Region (PTP-NER)
Ministry Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Launch date Apr-23
Total outlay ₹100 crore
Applicable states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Sikkim
Key objectives 1. Promote and market tribal products from the NER
2. Organize tribal artisan melas (TAMs) in various districts of the NER
3. Empanel tribal artisans and provide them with backward and forward linkages
4. Promote tribal products through e-commerce platforms
5. Provide training and capacity building to tribal artisans
6. Facilitate access to credit and marketing support for tribal artisans

Understanding the PTP-NER Scheme

The PTP-NER Scheme, which stands for Promotion of Tribal Products from North-Eastern Region, is an initiative launched by the Government of Manipur to assist tribal artisans. It focuses on providing logistics and marketing support to enable them to sell their products in the open market and enhance their product development capabilities.

Organizing Tribal Artisan Fairs

As part of the scheme, Tribal Artisan Fairs (TAMs) are conducted to promote tribal products. These fairs, which are held in April and May 2023, facilitate logistics and marketing assistance for tribal artisans, enabling them to improve their income prospects.

Objectives of PTP-NER Scheme

The primary objective of the PTP-NER Scheme is to provide tribal artisans with logistics and marketing support, empowering them to showcase and sell their products effectively in the market.

Eligibility Criteria

This scheme is available to tribal artisans engaged in the production of various products. To benefit from the PTP-NER Scheme, tribal artisans must participate in organized fairs.

States Covered

The PTP-NER Scheme covers the following states in the North-Eastern region of India: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, and Sikkim.

Benefits and Features

The PTP-NER Scheme offers several benefits to tribal artisans. It provides logistics and marketing assistance, allowing them to sell their products in the open market. Additionally, tribal artisan fairs serve as platforms to showcase their skills and products. The scheme also promotes local entrepreneurship and products from the North East region.

Skill Development and Design Training

Through the PTP-NER Scheme, tribal artisans have the opportunity to participate in various skill development and design training programs. This helps them enhance their product quality and stay updated with market trends.

Logistic Support from India Post

Under the Marketing and Logistics Development Scheme, tribal artisans can avail logistic support from India Post. This service ensures efficient shipping and delivery of their products.

National and International Exhibitions

This scheme provides beneficiaries with the opportunity to participate in exhibitions across the country. This enables them to showcase their products on a national and international platform, expanding their market reach.

Financial Allocations

The Central Government has allocated Rs 143 crore for the successful implementation of this Scheme. This funding ensures the smooth functioning of the scheme, benefiting tribal artisans in the long run.

Registration Process

To apply for the scheme, interested beneficiaries need to contact the TRIFED office. They will receive an application form that must be filled out accurately, along with the required documents. The completed form should then be submitted at the designated office.

PTP-NER Scheme – Helpline Number

For any inquiries or assistance related to the PTP-NER Scheme, individuals can contact the helpline number [+91 361 3501695]. Government website


In conclusion, the PTP-NER Scheme offers significant support to tribal artisans in Manipur and the North-Eastern region of India. With its emphasis on logistics and marketing assistance, it provides a platform for these artisans to showcase their skills and boost their income. By participating in tribal artisan fairs and availing other benefits, the scheme contributes to the overall welfare and development of tribal communities.

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