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Assam Government has implemented the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana to support the state’s entrepreneurs. This scheme aims to provide financial assistance to individuals who want to start their own business. By participating in this program, beneficiaries can improve their economic condition. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to take advantage of the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana and apply for it.

Financial Assistance for Entrepreneurs in Assam

Under the Sva-Niyojan Yojana, Assam government will provide financial aid of Rs 2 lakh to entrepreneurs in the state. This amount will assist them in setting up and running their own business. The government aims to include 1 lakh entrepreneurs within a span of 3 years. The funding will be provided in installments, allowing the beneficiaries to select their desired business once the money is deposited into their bank accounts.

Launch of Sva-Niyojan Yojana by Assam Chief Minister

The Sva-Niyojan Yojana was launched by Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma. He aims to create a state of entrepreneurs who are not just job seekers but job creators within the next 3 years. To realize this vision, the state government will provide a capital investment of Rs 2 lakh to 1 lakh entrepreneurs. If you have a passion to start a new venture, the government is ready to support you and foster innovation.


The primary objective of the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana is to provide financial aid to entrepreneurs in Assam. This will enable them to start their own businesses and ultimately improve their economic condition. By supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship, the state government aims to create a self-sustained ecosystem that boosts employment opportunities and economic growth.

Feature Details
Name Mukhyamantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana (SNY)
State Assam
Launched February 25, 2023
Objective To provide financial assistance to young entrepreneurs in Assam to start their own businesses
Benefits Eligible beneficiaries will receive a one-time seed capital of Rs. 2 lakh to start their own businesses.
Services The SNY scheme provides a range of services to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, including:
1. Training and counseling
2. Market linkages
3. Financial assistance

Main Features of Sva-Niyojan Yojana

The Sva-Niyojan Yojana by Assam Chief Minister offers several key features. It provides financial assistance to entrepreneurs, strengthening their financial positions. This, in turn, improves their standard of living and makes them self-reliant. The scheme also aims to motivate eligible beneficiaries to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the program, empowering them both socially and economically.

Budget Allocation for MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana

The state government of Assam has allocated a budget of Rs 1000 crore for the current year (2023-24) and Rs 5000 crore for the next 3 years for the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana. These funds will be used to provide seeding capital investment to beneficiaries in the form of installments.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana, applicants must be permanent residents of Assam. Only entrepreneurs from the state can take advantage of this scheme, which is open to both men and women. Women associated with self-help groups are also eligible. The minimum age requirement is 18 years or above.

Required Documents

Applicants must provide the following documents to apply for the Assam Sva-Niyojan Yojana: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Domicile Certificate, Residence Certificate, Bank Account details, Business Plans, Passport Size Photo, and Mobile Number.

Benefits of Sva-Niyojan Yojana for Assam Entrepreneurs

Assam’s Sva-Niyojan Yojana offers several benefits to entrepreneurs in the state. It provides financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh to set up and run their own businesses. This scheme aims to include 1 lakh entrepreneurs within 3 years, boosting self-employment opportunities. The entire state is covered under this program, ensuring equal access for all eligible beneficiaries. A committee will oversee the smooth implementation of the scheme, promoting inclusiveness and fairness. Interested individuals can apply for the Assam Sva-Niyojan Yojana through online mode.

Online Registration and Helpline for MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana

Currently, the official website for online registration of the MukhyaMantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana is not available. Applicants are advised to wait for the launch of the website, where they can find the necessary link to apply online. Helpline numbers will also be provided to assist applicants with any queries or difficulties they may encounter during the registration process.

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