One Nation One Student ID (APAAR) 2023- वन नेशन वन स्टूडेंट आईडी | How to Register

Today we are giving you information about “One Nation One Student ID”, which has been started by the Government of India. वन नेशन वन स्टूडेंट आईडी is a process where APAAR ID Card is made for school children. Through this card, all the information of the child will be available at one place. This means that any school operator can easily get the complete data of the student through this card number.

What is APAAR ID (One Nation One Student ID)

The full form of APAAR is – Automatic Permanent Academic Account Registry. Which is known as स्वचालित स्थायी शैक्षणिक खाता रजिस्ट्री (APAAR) in Hindi. On the basis of which, educational data of all the students, sports data and data of any subject of interest is made available at one place. For which APAAR ID Card is made for all the school children and college students. Through which all the information related to the student can be easily obtained.

About One Nation One Student ID

Scheme Name One Nation One Student ID
By whom was it started? Government of India
For whom? Children studying in schools and colleges
Help will be provided through? APAAR ID card
Facility available through card? All data of children on a single card
Application Mode Online
Official Website Click Here

Objective of One Nation One Student ID

APAAR ID card has to be made for those students of the country whose parents have given approval for making this APAAR ID card. Through which all the information related to the student can be easily obtained.

Who will be able to make APAAR ID Card?

Any student who is studying in school or college can make this card. This card will be made only for that student whose parents have approved for it.

There will be online registration to make APAAR ID Card.

Students who want to get APAAR ID Card, then online registration will be done for it. After that the students will get APAAR ID card. With the creation of this card, the student will be given information about many types of facilities. Like whether the student has got the benefit of scholarship or not. Apart from this, if any student wants to change his school or college, then his complete data will be easily available to any school operator through this card number.

Like Aadhaar card, a 12 digit APAAR ID card of the school child will be made. All the data of the student will be recorded in it. Such as his name, address, date of birth, photo etc. Along with this, this card contains all the information related to the child’s sports activities, scholarships, awards and education.

Central GovtCentral Govt

Benefits of APAAR ID (One Nation One Student ID) Benefits

  • Unique ID will be made for school children on the lines of One Nation One Student.
  • This card will be linked to the Aadhaar number of the students.
  • APAAR ID Card will serve as identification of students.
  • Through this card, all the data of school girls and boys will be made available on a single card.
  • All information about the student will be available at one place.
  • Apar ID will be issued to all school children which will be permanent.
  • Through One Nation One Student ID, the government will be able to make better plans regarding the future of students.
  • Apar card can also be used to take admission.
  • The school will provide a format form to the children. Through which it will be filled and submitted by the parent. After that APAAR ID Card will be made for that child.

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Eligibility for One Nation One Student ID Eligibility

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the country.
  • Boys and girls who are studying in schools or colleges.

Documents required to make One Nation One Student ID

  • Child’s name
  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number

How to register for making APAAR ID Card

  • First of all the applicant has to go to the official website.
  • After that you have to select the option of Jakar Student in My Account option.
  • Then you have to login with the help of user ID and password.
  • If your registration has not been done before, then first of all you have to click on the Sign up option and complete the registration process.
  • After that you have to login. After that you will have to enter all the information like name, address, name of school and college.
  • Then you have to click on the Submit button.

How to download APAAR ID Consent Form

Applicants can download the APAAR ID Consent Form from the official website. Apart from this, this form can be easily downloaded by clicking on the link given below.


Q: What is One Nation One Student ID?

A: One Nation One Student ID is a program by the Government of India to create a unique identification number for students in schools and colleges across India. This ID number, known as the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID, will be a lifelong ID number that tracks students’ academic journeys and achievements.

Q: What are the benefits of One Nation One Student ID?

A: One Nation One Student ID has several benefits, including:

  • Student mobility: Students with APAAR IDs can easily transfer from one school to another without having to worry about losing their academic records.
  • Credit transfer: Students can also transfer credits from one institution to another, making it easier to complete their education.
  • Transparency: APAAR ID will provide students with a single platform to view their academic records, scholarships, and other achievements. This will help students to make informed decisions about their education and careers.
  • Efficiency: APAAR ID will streamline the admissions process for higher education institutions and make it easier for employers to verify the academic qualifications of candidates.

Q: How do I get an APAAR ID?

A: To get an APAAR ID, you need to register on the official website of the National Education Policy (NEP). You will need to provide your basic information, such as your name, date of birth, and Aadhaar number. Once you have registered, you will be assigned a unique APAAR ID.

Q: How can I use my APAAR ID?

A: You can use your APAAR ID to access various educational services, such as:

  • Viewing your academic records: You can log in to the NEP website to view your academic records, including your transcripts, diplomas, and certificates.
  • Applying for higher education: You can use your APAAR ID to apply for higher education institutions across India.
  • Transferring credits: You can use your APAAR ID to transfer credits from one institution to another.
  • Accessing scholarships and other benefits: You can use your APAAR ID to access scholarships and other benefits offered by the government and other organizations.

Q: Is APAAR ID safe?

A: Yes, APAAR ID is safe. The government has taken all necessary measures to protect the privacy of students’ data. Students’ data will only be shared with authorized entities and for authorized purposes.

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