Mo Jungle Jami Yojana: Empowering Forest Dwellers and Tribal Communities in Odisha


The Odisha Government has launched a groundbreaking scheme called Mo Jungle Jami Yojana, also known as My Forest Land Scheme. This initiative aims to provide basic rights and essential facilities to the forest dwellers and tribal communities in the state, ultimately reducing the gap between them and the rest of society.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana: A Path to Empowerment

Under this scheme, the Odisha Government has committed to offering improved water facilities, schools, transportation, and healthcare services to the forest and tribal communities. This comprehensive scheme aims to enhance their livelihoods and ensure food security, facilitating their integration into mainstream society. Notably, over 7 lakh people in the state are expected to benefit from this initiative.

Objectives of the My Forest Land Scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to secure better livelihoods and food security for the beneficiaries. Additionally, the scheme aims to grant ownership of land to the forest and tribal communities, enabling them to utilize their land freely as per their needs and aspirations.

Budget Allocation for Mo Jungle Jami Yojana

In its annual budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, the Odisha state government has allocated Rs 26 crore to the Mo Jungle Jami Yojana. This funding is solely provided by the state government, without involvement from the central government.

Implementation of My Forest Land Scheme

To ensure effective implementation of the scheme, the state government will establish Forest Rights Cells in various districts. These cells will focus on monitoring and reviewing the scheme’s progress. Additionally, awareness about the Odisha State Forest Rights Scheme will be raised through gram sabhas held in villages, ensuring maximum outreach and benefits for the people.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana: Statistics for Empowerment

With approximately 53,845 villages in Odisha, around 32,562 villages are covered under the Central FRA scheme. The state boasts 62 distinct tribal castes, including 13 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). According to the 2011 census, the tribal population in Odisha exceeds 9.5 million, accounting for 22.85% of the state’s total population. These tribal communities occupy approximately 35,739 square kilometers of land across the state.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scheme, applicants must be residents of Odisha and either belong to scheduled tribes or forest dwellers. Single women and PVTGs are also eligible to avail the benefits offered by the Mo Jungle Jami Yojana.

Required Documents

Applicants must provide the following documents:
– Aadhaar Card
– Permanent Certificate
– Caste Certificate
– Income Certificate
– Passport-sized photograph
– Mobile Number

Benefits of Mo Jungle Jami Yojana

The key benefits of the scheme include:
– Enhanced water facilities, schools, transportation, and healthcare services for forest and tribal communities.
– Improved livelihoods and food security for the beneficiaries.
– Granting ownership of land and forest rights to tribal communities.
– Facilitating the integration of tribal communities into mainstream society.
– Ensuring effective implementation of state government benefits for the tribal population.
– Over 7 lakh people in Odisha will benefit from this scheme.
– Applications can be submitted online and offline.

Features of Mo Jungle Jami Yojana

The scheme offers the following features:
– Granting fundamental rights and uplifting Forest and Tribal communities.
– Encouraging beneficiaries to make the most of the scheme’s offerings.

How to Register Online

Applicants applying online will have to wait for the official website to launch. Once live, individuals can visit the website and apply online through the provided link.

Downloading the Application Form

After the official website is launched, the home page will include an option to download the “Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Application Form.” Interested individuals can download the form, complete it, and submit it to the concerned department.

My Forest Land Scheme: Helpline Number

Following the website’s launch, helpline numbers will be available for citizens to seek assistance and obtain detailed information about the scheme. Applicants facing any issues while filling out the online form can also seek solutions by contacting the helpline.


The Mo Jungle Jami Yojana holds tremendous potential for the forest dwellers and tribal communities in Odisha. By providing essential facilities and granting land rights, this scheme aims to empower and integrate these communities into mainstream society. With its unique features and comprehensive benefits, the scheme sets the stage for positive transformation and socio-economic progress in Odisha.

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