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The Bihar government has introduced the Bihar Bakri Palan Yojana (बिहार बकरी पालन योजना) or Goat Farming Scheme to enhance employment opportunities in the state. Through this scheme, the government aims to promote goat farming and provide subsidies based on caste for opening Goat Farms. Interested individuals can improve their income and elevate their living standards by availing the benefits of this scheme. To learn about the application process and the advantages of the Bihar Goat Farming Scheme, continue reading.

Scheme Budget

The Bihar government has allocated a budget of INR 2.66 crores for the Bihar Bakri Palan Yojana. This budget will be utilized to provide benefits to eligible applicants.

Selection Process for Chief Minister Goat Farming Scheme

The applications for this scheme are examined at the district level. The preliminary verification of documents and application forms is done by authorized officials, such as Assistant Poultry Officer/Deputy Assistant Poultry Officer/District Animal Husbandry Officer. Following this, the beneficiaries are selected. Once selected, the beneficiaries are forwarded to the respective bank by the concerned District Animal Husbandry Officer for loan approval.

Payment of Subsidy Amount under Bakri Palan Yojana

The amount provided under the Goat Farming Scheme is disbursed in two installments. The predetermined amount is directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account.

Eligibility for Bihar Goat Farming Loan Scheme

To qualify for the scheme, applicants must be permanent residents of Bihar. They should possess a minimum of land ranging from 1800 to 3600 square feet. Those engaged in goat farming are eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Important Documents for Goat Farming Loan Scheme

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Permanent Residency Certificate
  3. Caste Certificate
  4. Land Documents
  5. Bank Account Details
  6. Passport-sized Photograph
  7. Mobile Number

Benefits of Bihar Bakri Palan Yojana

  1. Increase in Income for Bihar Residents

The Bihar Goat Farming Scheme aims to provide benefits to the permanent residents of Bihar. Under this scheme, the government provides subsidies ranging from 50% to 60% for goat farming. The beneficiaries of this scheme are eligible to receive the subsidy for up to 5 years of running a goat farm. This subsidy amount ranges from 1 to 2 lakh.

  1. Direct Deposits to Beneficiaries’ Bank Accounts

The allocated funds are directly deposited into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. This ensures transparency and ease of access to the funds.

  1. Distribution of Funds through Installments

The distribution of the allotted funds is done in installments, which further encourages the applicants to engage in goat farming as a viable business opportunity.

  1. Enhancement of Income

Through this scheme, applicants can improve their income by venturing into goat farming. This can contribute to their overall financial stability.

  1. Promotion of Self-Reliance and Empowerment

The Bihar Goat Farming Scheme aims to make the beneficiaries self-reliant and empowered. By engaging in this venture, they can develop their own source of income and gain more control over their livelihoods.

  1. Creating Job Opportunities

The scheme also focuses on creating employment opportunities for unemployed individuals. By encouraging goat farming as a business, it can contribute to the growth of the workforce in Bihar.

Key Features of Bihar Bakri Palan Yojana

  1. Generating Employment Opportunities

The scheme aims to create job opportunities by promoting goat farming as a business. This can help in addressing the issue of unemployment and fostering economic growth in the state.

  1. Government Support for Goat Farming Business

The government provides assistance and support to encourage the goat farming business. This can include training programs, access to resources, and guidance to ensure the success of the venture.

  1. Doubling Farmers’ Income

Bihar Goat Farming Scheme aims to double the income of farmers by integrating goat farming into their existing agricultural practices. This can help in improving their overall financial condition.

  1. Ensuring Availability of Superior Breeds

The scheme focuses on ensuring the availability of superior goat breeds in the state. This can help in enhancing the productivity and profitability of goat farming.


In conclusion, the Bihar Goat Farming Scheme offers various benefits to the residents of Bihar, including increased income, employment opportunities, and support for the growth of the goat farming business. This scheme aims to uplift the economic condition of farmers and create a sustainable source of livelihood for them.

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