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The Modified Interest Rebate Yojana, implemented by the Government of Goa, aims to promote business and create a supportive environment for the people of the state. This article will provide you with all the necessary information on how to benefit from this scheme and how to register for it.

Objective of the Modified Interest Rebate Yojana

The scheme primarily aims to boost the state’s economy and create employment opportunities by fostering a favorable business environment.


Facilities available under Goa Modified Interest Rebate Yojana

– Interest subvention of 5% per annum for industrial units in underdeveloped talukas.
– Additional 2% benefit for Goa residents and non-resident entrepreneurs.
– Additional 2% interest for women entrepreneurs.
– Additional interest of 2% per annum for industries with over 20 employees.
– Maximum interest of 9% per annum for industries crossing 25 lakhs per annum.
– The scheme is operational until March 31, 2028.

Category Eligibility Quantum of Rebate Maximum Rebate
A Units located in backward talukas of Goa 5% p.a. Rs. 25 lakhs
B Units located in other talukas of Goa, set up by Goans 6% p.a. Rs. 25 lakhs
C Units located in other talukas of Goa, set up by non-Goans 4% p.a. Rs. 25 lakhs
D Women entrepreneurs, irrespective of the taluka 9% p.a. Rs. 25 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria

– Industrial units located in underdeveloped taluks of Goa.
– Women entrepreneurs.
– Industrial units with more than 20 workers.
– Industrial units with turnover exceeding 25 lakhs per annum.
– Both resident and non-resident entrepreneurs of Goa are eligible.

Required Documents

– Identity card.
– Industrial documents.
– Domicile certificate.
– IT returns.
– Bank account details.
– Mobile number.

Benefits of Goa Modified Interest Rebate Yojana

– Creation of a favorable environment for entrepreneurs.
– Boost in employment opportunities.
– Acceleration of overall economic development in Goa.
– Encouragement of investment in underdeveloped talukas.
– Promotion of women entrepreneurs, local entrepreneurs, and Vishwakarma activities.
– The scheme will be effective from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2028.


Feature Details
Name of the scheme Modified Interest Rebate Yojana (MIRS-2023)
Objective To encourage investments in industrially backward talukas of Goa and to promote entrepreneurship among Goans and women
Scheme period 5 years, starting from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2028
Eligibility Units located in backward talukas of Goa, units located in other talukas of Goa set up by Goans, and women entrepreneurs
Quantum of rebate 5% p.a. for units located in backward talukas of Goa, 6% p.a. for units located in other talukas of Goa set up by Goans, 4% p.a. for units located in other talukas of Goa set up by non-Goans, and 9% p.a. for women entrepreneurs
Maximum rebate Rs. 25 lakhs per annum per unit
Applicable for New as well as existing industrial loans disbursed by EDC, except units set up in sectors listed in the negative list
How to apply The unit should submit an application to EDC along with the necessary documents

Online Registration

Citizens who wish to apply for the scheme online will need to wait until the official website is launched. Once the website is live, applicants can apply by clicking on the provided link.

Modified Interest Rebate Yojana Application Form Download

After the official website launch, beneficiaries can download the application form for this scheme. Fill in all the required information accurately, attach the requested documents, and submit the form to the designated office.

Mukhyamantri Modified Interest Rebate Scheme – Helpline Number

To assist citizens, the government will soon establish helpline numbers. These helplines will provide detailed information about the Modified Interest Rebate Scheme. Citizens facing any issues while filling out the form can seek assistance by sharing their problems.


The Modified Interest Rebate Yojana in Goa is a significant initiative that aims to boost the state’s economy, create employment opportunities, and empower entrepreneurs. By providing various benefits and facilities, this scheme encourages investment and overall development in underdeveloped areas. Stay updated with the official website to apply for this scheme and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

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