Punjab Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme: Improving Healthcare Accessibility in Punjab


Punjab Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme is an initiative introduced by the state government of Punjab to prioritize the well-being of its citizens. Under this scheme, individuals who are financially unable to afford medical treatment are provided with free healthcare services. This not only ensures that people receive the necessary medical attention but also contributes to the enhancement of their overall health. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Punjab Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme and guide you on how to apply for and avail of its benefits. So, let’s dive in and discover more about this groundbreaking initiative.


This scheme is an innovative measure introduced by the state government to improve the healthcare standards of its citizens. It aims to provide economically disadvantaged individuals with access to free medical treatment. Under the scheme, medical expenses of up to ₹2 lakhs will be covered, ensuring that those in need can receive the necessary medical care without any financial burden.

Objective of Punjab Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme

The primary objective of the Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme is to ensure that individuals from vulnerable sections of society, including farmers, have access to high-quality health insurance. Through this scheme, affordable health insurance becomes easily available to those who need it the most.

Premium Amount

Under this scheme, beneficiaries are required to pay a nominal premium amount of 2714 rupees, which includes the Goods and Services Tax (GST). If a beneficiary is a dependent member of the family, their premium amount reduces to 679 rupees (inclusive of GST).

Health Insurance Coverage

Upon availing of this health insurance scheme, every member of the family becomes eligible for cashless insurance worth 2 lakh rupees. This coverage aids in providing financial assistance during medical emergencies.

Hospitals Covered

One of the significant benefits of the Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme is that beneficiaries can seek treatment at both government and non-government hospitals. This extensive coverage ensures access to a wide range of healthcare facilities.

Health Insurance for Newborns

As part of this scheme, newborn babies are entitled to free health insurance coverage for up to 6 months. This ensures comprehensive healthcare services for the fragile and vulnerable early stages of an infant’s life.

Allowance on Girl Child Birth

To promote gender equality and support the birth of girl children, the scheme provides a special allowance of 2100 rupees on the birth of a female child. This financial assistance encourages families to welcome and nurture their girl child.

Total Budget Allocation

The government has allocated a substantial budget of 109 crore rupees for the scheme. This demonstrates the commitment and dedication of the government towards improving healthcare access for the people of Punjab.

Eligibility Criteria For Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme

In order to be eligible for this scheme, individuals must be residents of Punjab. Additionally, farmers and those belonging to other vulnerable occupations, along with cooperative bank account holders and employees, can avail the benefits provided by this scheme.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Permanent certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Bank account
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number

Official Website and Online Application

For easy registration and access to the scheme, interested individuals can visit the official website. The website provides detailed information and an online application form that can be filled out, printed, and submitted to the concerned authorities.

How to Check the Registration Status

To check the status of your registration, visit the provided link on the official website. Enter the request ID and click on the ‘Search’ option. The system will retrieve and display your registration details promptly.

Toll-Free Helpline of Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme

In case of any registration-related issues or queries, individuals can contact the toll-free helpline number 1800 233 5758 for assistance.

With the implementation of the Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme, the Punjab government aims to provide convenient and hassle-free healthcare services to its citizens. While advanced healthcare is a fundamental right, this scheme helps bridge the financial gaps that hinder people’s access to quality medical services. The overwhelming response from 1.5 lakh applicants in the state highlights the potential impact and future success of this scheme. As more people become aware of and apply for this scheme, Punjab will witness a substantial improvement in healthcare accessibility and quality of life in the days to come.


Q: What is the Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme?
A: The Bhai Ghanhya Sehat Sewa Scheme is a health insurance scheme.

Q: Where was the scheme launched?
A: The scheme was launched in Punjab.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of this scheme?
A: The scheme benefits farmers, cooperative bank account holders, and employees.

Q: What is the insurance coverage amount?
A: Every member of the family is eligible for insurance coverage worth 2 lakh rupees.

Q: How much is the premium amount?
A: The head of the family is required to pay 2714 rupees, while dependant members pay 679 rupees.

Q: Where can one apply for this scheme?
A: Interested individuals can apply for the scheme through the official website.

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